The BFIT Terms and Conditions

1. Your completed enrolment form must be accompanied by the full payment of your course fees. Please note that your course fees do not include exam fees.

2. All Awarding Body ‘Registration & Examination fees’ are to be paid to the administration at the same time as the student’s “Course” fees. Please note: any student not wishing to pay for their Registration and or Examination fees at this point will not be considered for enrolment with BFIT.

3. All students are required to maintain 75% attendance.

4. By accepting an offer made by BFIT (through payment of the relevant fees stated at the time of initial application) a student enters in to a contract with SEDA for the period for which those fees have been paid. This period is stated on the applicants enrolment letter detailed “Course Commencement date “through “Course Completion date”

5. Due to the possibility of unforeseen circumstances during your semester, student Timetables may change throughout the year. Every effort would be made in-order to avoid such action being taken however, should this be necessary, the Academy would not be liable under any circumstances and therefore no compensation or form of refund would be given should any such action be necessary.

6. The BFIT reserve the right to suspend or expel any student should he/she not fulfil the above requirements. The same applies for behavioural disruption to the general conduct of the BFIT. In both instances no refund of fees will be given.

7. Overseas students are reminded that they must comply with rules of BFIT AND Indian Government.

8. Where applicable the student must seek and obtain a certificate of eligibility from the appropriate professional institute and pay the registration fee to the respective body direct.

9. Students are required to attend all lectures, classes, Mock and final examinations and to submit written work as required by lecturers.

11. Please note that there will be no holidays during tuition periods (except public holidays).
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