Registrar's Message

  I have been fortunate to associate with the BFIT as a Registrar from the early days of its incubation. We have envisaged BFIT group of Institutions to steadily grow into a sought after multi-disciplinary institute.
The prime focus of the institute is our 'students'. We strive to make them capable, responsible citizens through best in class quality education and strong value systems.
Throughout this challenging journey we look forward to the unconditional support of alumni, well-wishers, students, parents and our Management. This growth, that we dream of, can fructify only by way of taking a path less trodden, it will be unique in nature and form.
BFIT, Dehradun (India) will always be a learner centric institute, dedicated to the success of the students and committed to excellent teaching, innovative research and responsible community service.
Our students and faculty are unmatched anywhere in the country. We are diverse in our outlook and our approach, beholden not to any ideology but to a fierce desire to discover — and help implement — what works.
The institution has this opportunity, with opportunity comes responsibility. We must accept this responsibility and seize this moment. With your help, we will begin the next chapter in the life of an education college that has been, and will continue to be, like no other. Together, we will learn to change the world. Thank you for your support.
Very few in the country get an opportunity to be the part of a progressively growing institute with a strong support of Group Leadership. It is an exciting journey and I look forward you all for the challenges it brings along as the accomplishments will give me great pride and satisfaction.
Welcome to BFIT

Bhupender Singh Arora