Director's Message

Welcome to BFIT, where we are committed to making your study experience an enjoyable and a rewarding one.
Prime motivation of BFIT is to allow the students to secure their career by offering structured courses designed to assist the students build a reputable career path with quality industry based training.
We are pleased to report that BFIT had an outstanding year, despite a volatile and sometimes difficult environment for the higher education sector, and we continued to live up to our reputation as one of India's most innovative and highly sought after universities. BFIT's academic and career opportunities are balanced with a campus lifestyle, with a great array of sporting, cultural and social choices. Outstanding teaching, scholarships, support, flexibility and choice in programs, and extra-curricular benefits – come together to create a transformative student experience.
Our students are the emerging leaders who will help shape tomorrow's world and create change. Generations of students, staff and alumni have built our reputation, and I am confident that BFIT people of today and tomorrow will add to this reputation in the future. Further, I trust you will have a great experience while studying at BFIT and I wish you every success.
High-quality teaching, our global focus and strong links with industry made us the college of choice for many potential students. A number of innovative equity and preparation programs improved access for students who are educationally disadvantaged or would not otherwise have thought of attending university.
We entered into several strategic agreements with international institutions, providing our students with more opportunities to gain international experience. We congratulate our staff and students for their outstanding achievements and take this opportunity to thank them all. We also thank our alumni and other partners for their support.
Best Wishes

Aninder Singh Arora