Terms Used in BFIT
Academic Counsellor
A faculty member assigned the task of providing the course- specific and programme-specific information to a group of students and to advise them on registration related matters
Cumulative Grade Point Average
A specific group of students meeting for specific instructional purposes; and it may mean the whole series of scheduled meetings or just one session; and a Class may be a lecture, a tutorial or a practical.
Continuing Student
A student, who has registered for at least one term prior to the current term.
"Course" means a prescribed set of instructions in a subject offered as a unit of studies within an academic programme.
Course Detail
Detailed syllabus of a course
Disciplinary Probation
The status assigned to a student on committing some act of indiscipline, academic or otherwise and once assigned the student remains on disciplinary probation for the rest of the duration of his programme. Explanation:
(a) Once any indiscipline has been committed by a student individually or in a group, he/she will automatically be on disciplinary probation. It is also irrespective of the fact whether action was taken against the student or not.
(b) Indiscipline will include indiscipline in academic or other matters of the college, residential, transport, tours and acts outside the College premises which are likely to bring bad name to the College and/or are not legally correct even though the student was not under the direct control of the College at that moment.
Internal Examination
Examination which is conducted by college in two steps:
• One will take place after 50% completion of the course
• Second internal examination will take place after 100% completion of the course.
External Examination
Examination held/conducted by the respective university
Permanent removal by the College authorities from the College rolls with prohibition on future enrolment
School of Management Studies
School of Information & Computer Science
School of Arts & Journalism
School of Polytechnic
School of Agriculture Sciences
School of Life & Allied Sciences
School of Education
Student Informative Terminal
Classes that require students (generally in smaller groups compared to lecture) to perform certain functions in controlled situations that help them to test and understand what is being taught in the lecture or otherwise
Conditions that must be met before a student can register for a course. Prerequisites can include a specific skill level (e.g., a minimum of C grade in a specified course), or Pass in a specific course
The area of study leading to the conferment or award of a degree, diploma, certificate or any other academic distinction or title of the College
Programme Detail
Scheme and curriculum of a Programme
Back Paper
Students can give back paper if the candidate is unable to clear in a particular semester. But the student is promoted to next semester/year but still needs to clear that particular subject in which back had been declared by the university.
ID Number
A unique number that may be allotted to the student at the start of their admission to BFIT Group of Institution. This ID card will be used by the students for using the library facility, online student login, in the accounts department and in academic tenure.
Withdrawal of the right of access to all premises and facilities of the College, by the College, for a specified period and/or till the fulfillment of certain conditions
Scheme and Curriculum
Includes description of nature, duration, pedagogy, syllabus, eligibility and such related details for a programme
Withdrawal of the right of access to all or some of the premises or facilities of the College where action is taken as an interim measure pending further investigation by the College
A class that offers students (generally in smaller groups compared to lectures) the opportunity to talk about material being taught, ask questions and discuss material with their classmates and a designated tutor
DMC/Mark Card
Detailed Marks Certificate or Mark card is same.
No Due
Student has to take a no due certificate from library, accounts department.
Character Certificate
Transfer Certificate
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